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Stepping Out to Step Up – Women Entrepreneurship In India On The Rise

We are far past what dictated the concept that women could not be successful founders, co-founders, or managers. Women are now not just ruling the economic world but also emerging as a dominant force directing the startup environment, quite like their male counterparts. Women entrepreneurs are no longer fiction; instead, they are overcoming the traditional barriers erected by a retrograde society dominated by men. These Indian beauties and skincare businesses joined a crowded field – but made it all their own. 

With the onset of the tech revolution, life altered at an unfathomable rate, and customers went from being wary first-time purchasers to enthusiastically seeking retail therapy in a short period. Combining this knowledge with the rising need for beauty items, several entrepreneurs joined the digital industry at the perfect moment. 

Emerging Women Entrepreneurs of India 

Some of India’s renowned women entrepreneurs like Falguni Nayar, CEO of NYKAA, from resigning her investment banking job to being the wealthiest self-made woman in India, has been a massive inspiration for many women thriving to start a business on their own. Nayar’s ambition was to create an Indian replica of the worldwide cosmetics retailer Sephora. Vineeta Singh, CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, launched the brand in 2015, aimed at millennial women who wear make-up daily rather than just for special occasions. Understanding the audience, she started the brand without any digital promotions but by word of mouth. The brand turned out to be a massive success.

Falguni Nayar, CEO of Nykaa

Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics

Unlocking the Secrets to Success

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to build something for yourself and have unlimited earning potential? A great deal of energy goes into creating and making something that is all yours, knowing that this works for you. No matter your background, education or experience level, you can always succeed as a business owner if you invest in the right place. You can start from scratch with the most minimal knowledge, hard work and determination you have and turn it into a six, seven or even a more significant figure business. Starting a franchise is also considered starting your own business if you haven’t found your niche yet.

Build Your Way To Being An Entrepreneur With Naturals 

Starting a new company is no easy feat. Imagine if you could enjoy all the advantages of being an entrepreneur with all the resources of a large corporation? If so, opening a franchise is the best option for aspiring entrepreneurs who haven’t found their niche yet.

In franchising, large corporations have the potential to diversify and prosper while also giving individuals the chance to run their businesses with the assistance and supervision of a larger company. Franchising can scream miracles. Setting a franchise can be much less expensive and a lucrative alternative.

Read on How To Compare Franchising Opportunities

The freedom of becoming your boss is truly rewarding in franchising. Franchise Global can help you start on the right foot if you’re considering franchising to realize your dream of owning a business. Please speak with us to learn more about your options. Also, for some confidence-boosting tips, check out our blog on how naturals rejuvenated to the next level through franchising. 

Franchising Opportunities

It is effortless even for first-time entrepreneurs to start a Naturals Franchise. With the well-established brand, a Naturals salon can be set up with minimum advertising and marketing costs. Besides, Naturals has the image to become its franchise partner.

Franchise Cost and Financial Support

If you are willing to start a franchise, Naturals provides many benefits and support. It costs around 30 lakhs to start a franchise depending on the size of the project. We also offer the privilege of taking a business loan of up to 30 lakhs from the State Bank of India. Therefore, starting a franchise with Naturals presents an opportunity to increase your investment systematically and steadily.

Special Training 

Special training is offered to recruits from our industry experts who are well-versed in L’Oréal and Wella product lines. You will be empowered with industry-specific knowledge and be a business expert.

Assistance Provided

Along with starting a franchise, Naturals provides PR Assistance, Marketing, Salon design and layout, Interior and fittings, Business Generation, IT & PoS Billing and continuous operations support. The entire process, from finalizing the location to launching the salon, takes approximately 45 to 60 days.

Brand Value

As India’s Largest & Most Successful Salon & Spa Chain, Naturals has grown from 1 salon to 700+ salons by building its brand over the past two decades. Now we are inviting you to be part of this success story.

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