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Skin Care At Home – What You May Be Missing 

Have you ever counted how many cosmetic items you use on a daily? The list of products includes foundation, concealer, and under-eye concealer. But have you ever considered the long-term impact of these products on your skin? The list of skincare products is endless: moisturiser, serum, night cream, day cream, emulsions, and ampoules. When you think you’ve learned everything there is to know about skincare basics and vital ingredients, a new lineup of advantages appears.

Makeup products frequently include substances that, when worn regularly, can harm your skin.It would be best if you incorporated a handful into your skincare routine that you can use at the expense of the ingredients present at home. Then, find out what you may have been missing.

1. Natural Cleanser 

Fuller’s earth, also known as Multani Mitti, is a beautiful cleanser for all skin types that can be included in your regular skin care regimen at home. This chemical helps manage oil in oily skin while gently detoxifying other skin types.

To make a paste, combine two teaspoons of this clay with a few drops of rose water or a small amount of yoghurt. Massage lightly in circular strokes over your face for 30–60 seconds, then rinse with water. Pat dry before applying a moisturiser suited for your skin type.

2. Tea As A Toner 

Toner may appear to most women to be an extra step in their skincare procedures, but this is not the case. It removes debris and makeup remnants from the face, regulates oils, and aids in the reduction of enlarged pores. Using an organic toner is much better because it provides many more advantages.

To prepare, steep white tea leaves in water for 10 minutes before allowing them to cool. Now, mix two drops of lavender or any essential oil of your choice with aloe vera gel. Transfer to a spray bottle after thoroughly mixing. Refrigerate it and apply it twice a day after washing your face.


3. Scrub For Dull Skin

Dull skin is a frequent condition caused by the buildup of dead skin cells and the effects of external stressors on the skin. Using a scrub at least twice a week removes deep-seated grime and dead skin cells and stimulates circulation, giving your face a healthy sheen.

How to use: Oatmeal is one of the most effective home skin care solutions for eliminating dead skin cells and dull skin. It is mild enough to apply on the face and helps soothe inflamed skin. Add three tablespoons of honey, brown sugar, and milk to half a cup of cooked oats. Massage this gritty paste on your face after thoroughly mixing it and rinsing it with some cold water after 10-20 minutes. 

4. Soothing Eye Mask 

What good is a bright face if the eye region is weary and dark? As a result, when we provide skincare home remedies, we ensure that no portion of the body is overlooked. For example, a calming eye mask will reduce puffiness and dark circles by soothing the sensitive region around the eyes.

For this soothing eye mask, spread grated cucumber on a paper towel, wrap it or roll it up, and squeeze it with your palm. Drape this over your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes to experience immediate soothing and calming effects.


5. Lip Scrub 

The skin on your lips regenerates quicker than other regions of your body, and failure to remove dead skin buildup will result in discolouration and dryness. Don’t worry; our range of skincare home treatments also includes a lip scrub that will leave your lips smooth, supple, and rosy.

To prepare, combine two spoons of sugar with one teaspoon of coconut oil, one teaspoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon juice. First, massage your lips for a few minutes with this combination. Then, allow it to sit on your lips as a mask for a few minutes before removing it.


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Taking care of your skin is a form of self-care that may make your skin glow. This is your cue to ditch chemicals and opt for natural! Stay tuned for skin care home remedies. 
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