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It’s Raining Myths! Busting 7 Lifestyle Myths About Monsoons

It’s Raining Myths! Busting 7 Lifestyle Myths About Monsoons

Where people and cultures converge, myths and folklore are a natural extension of life and lifestyles. Throw in the vagaries of weather and seasons, it soon becomes a rich medium to breed myths.  As we speak, it’s raining myths this monsoon. Let’s have some fun busting these one by one… 

1. Frequent showers are a no-no

“I don’t sweat much or feel sticky when I go out during the rain. Why wash up or shower frequently?” 

Fact:  Regardless of weather or season, dust and microbes abound all around us, in fact, in and on us too. That’s an undeniable fact, especially in the more polluted cities. The rains multiply the effect of pollution, bacteria, viruses and infections. It’s a great idea to wash up thoroughly using mild antibacterial soaps or solutions when you step indoors after a jaunt in the rain. You can also take a look at these effective skincare tips at home.

2. Rainwear is protective. It can’t cause any harm.

“Rainwear is protective. It can’t cause any harm.” 

Fact: Raincoats, gumboots, and umbrellas are all potential havens for microbes and fungi to grow unless cleaned, dried, and aired well. These, in turn, lead to skin, hair and toe infections rampant in the monsoon. What’s to fear, though? Just keep rainwear clean and dry. 

3. Skip using makeup during the rain 

“Use of makeup during the monsoon is pretty useless. Why waste on cosmetics and spoil your looks and skin in addition?”

Fact: Do you skip minimal makeup even when it’s hot and humid in the summer? Not likely. It is much the same in the monsoon. Yes, pimples and patchy skin do tend to surface in rainy weather. But this is not because of the monsoon. Rather, humidity aggravates outbreaks and is often a year-round phenomenon in many places. Keep makeup minimal or light and use the best quality products only, sourcing from established outlets or salons. 

4. Say no to the spa, it is pouring!

“Cancel those spa treatments and massages. It’s raining cats and dogs!” 

Fact:  Why? What’s the connection? A spa session or massage is not an episode of getting caught in the rain unprotected, nor does it expose you to bugs and viruses. Spa sessions in hygienic salons can, on the contrary, ease stiffness and aches and pains that often exist in wet weather. There is nothing unhealthy about pampering oneself during the monsoons. Bust that myth and get your spa appointment today.  

5. Forget hydrating when it’s pouring

“Hydrating the skin during the monsoon is unnecessary and harmful. Set aside moisturisers and hydrating gels.” 

Fact: The rains, humidity and even oily skin are not indicators that your skin is getting its daily dose of hydration. In fact, it is far from the truth. It is during wet weather that the skin needs moisturising. So, get out those pleasant lotions and dab them on. It will stop the excess oiliness and clogged pores almost miraculously. Surprised? Try it. And do get your regular facials done too.  

You can also read our blog on creating a skincare routine for all skin types!

6. Cut down on hair washing during the rains.

Washing your hair during the rains can make you fall sick.? 

Fact: Really? How? How else will you eliminate the stickiness and itchiness that often accompany wet weather? A good head massage and wash can do you better than harm. Use the right products when possible, schedule a professional session, dry gently and well, and stay home and dry. Unscathed by that refreshing experience. Break the myth, not your healthy habits.,  

7. Say no to curds & spinach during the rains!

Avoid curd, cooling food, spinach and greens during the monsoon.” 

Fact: Oh no! Probiotics like curd are exactly what the doctors recommend for gut health, skin and hair health and general health and immunity during the wet weather.  Spinach and green, clean and fresh, cannot harm anyone in any weather. Get your daily dose of good food, especially when it is pouring.  

What we’ve just seen is the tip of the iceberg. There are myths galore and facts to bust them all.  How many more do you know? Do share them. And yes, get your head massaged, your hair washed, and your toes pampered immediately.  

If you want to take good care of your hair this monsoon season, head over to Naturals and indulge in our hair treatments!

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