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Stunning Looks on a Compact Budget

You are Natural when you are yourself. All you need are a few simple routines and touches to step out and stun the world.

First, let’s take care of the basics – 5 that are foundational and non-negotiable.

  • Moist Dewy Skin
  • A clear foundation that lasts long
  • Lips that state subtle strength
  • Eyes that speak volumes
  • Hair that’s right in place

That’s all there is to it. Take care of these, and you can turn heads. Here are some Ed Picks that are pocket friendly. Moisturizing creams and lotions. Foundations or concealers, lip colours that stay, eye makeup that appeals, and hair care for that coiffured look.

Moisturise with ease

There’s an entire range of safe moisturizing products to suit pockets and purses – from Rs.80/- for 100 ml to 360 for 120ml, you have a choice. The lowest-priced ones themselves are great brands we all know and love. From Lacto Calamine and Nivea to Lotus or Fab India, we are spoilt for choice. Pick any; you can’t go wrong.

Lay the foundation

Trusted Lakme from home or popular Maybelline from NY, and L’Oréal from Paris are all over-the-counter brands available at your nearest drugstores, making it easy to pick up these essentials on the go. Rs. 300 upwards for handy tubes of <30ml>, some foundations last 9 to 5, promise not to clog pores, and claim to be harsh chemicals and cruelty-free.

Lip colours

Budgets matter – but here’s the catch. Regardless of how cost-conscious we are, there’s no way we can compromise on quality. The great news is great products are available under Rs. 300/- and there’s no limit to range and choice. Go for Lakme, Elle 18, Maybelline, Colorbar, or Insight.  You can have it all, glossy or matte, crack-proof, and non-transfer. At reasonable prices too.

Making Eyes

The Lakme range that covers liners, mascara, kohls, and shadows come at comfortable price tags and are as good and even considered by many as better than many exorbitantly priced brands. L’Oréal, Maybelline, and Nykaa, too, come under Rs 1000/- for complete eye essentials that are safe and stunning.

Hair Care

Unless it’s a messy knot by design, dishevelled hair gives you a dishevelled look. Any surprises there? Reach out for these sure-shot hair care products that keep you looking carefully coiffured at minimum cost, effort, and time.

Garnier, L’Oréal. Livon. Matrix and more, these serums take the Frizz out of your day and add chic instead. This last stroke of serum can add to the pizzazz you are looking for – all at affordable costs, upward of Rs.200/- for a handy and generous quantity in a spill-proof pack.

Now that the 5 basics are taken care of – dab your perfume, and go on your way!

Looking for some stunning makeup looks and ideas? Visit your nearest Naturals salon today and chat with our skilled makeup artists!

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