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Salon Franchise Opportunity in Maharashtra

Maharashtra being home to the Bollywood industry is best place to expand the beauty and wellness franchise. The region has an extensive craze for being bold and beautiful and Naturals Salon gives one the opportunity to be both. Be bold to be an entrepreneur and be beautiful as you own the beauty and wellness centre.

Naturals Salon: A Promising Beauty Brand to Invest In

Naturals Salon helps you find vast and expansive locations to set up your dream salon. Accompanied by our team of professionals, we provide training programs to hone your skills and to provide a better approach to serve your customers. Along with the team of keen entrepreneurs, especially womenpreneurs, Naturals Salon is attempting make people self-reliant and self-prospering by being their own boss. Naturals Salon target to inspire 1000 women entrepreneurs, and open 1000 salons as well as create about 50,000 job openings by 2020. You can also join this mission and taste the flavour of success with Naturals Salon.

Starting a franchise with Naturals presents an opportunity
to increase your investment in a systematic and steady manner.

Naturals Salon @ Maharashtra

Naturals Salon franchise has already sown its seed in the state of Maharashtra,
where Nagpur serves 2 salons handled by proud entrepreneurs and looking to expand.
Now it’s your turn.

20 reasons to invest in Naturals Salon


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Franchise Benefits and Support

It will cost 15 to 30 lakhs depending on the project

Business loan upto INR 30 Lakhs from State Bank of India

Special training offered to recruits from our industry experts who are well-versed in L’Oréal, Wella product line.

Starting a franchise with Naturals presents an opportunity to increase your investment in a systematic and steady manner.

Naturals Salon has grown from 1 salon to 650 salons by building their brand over the past 16 years. Now we are inviting you to be part of this success story.

No extra charges levied for transferring our two decades worth of knowledge in the art of grooming, maintaining and cleaning to all those who join the Naturals family.

Naturals provides PR Assistance, Marketing, Business Generation, IT & PoS Billing and continuous operations support

Call Now. Before someone else does from your location

Naturals takes pride in producing a large number of entrepreneurs – especially, women – that any brand in any services sector - leave alone, in salon and beauty business, has ever done. Contact us now to discuss the franchise opportunities.

Hear What Our Franchise Partners Say,

The victory of any franchise lies in the success of its franchise partners. Naturals is fortunate to have many such success stories to tell. Hear from our partners how Naturals have empowered them and have opened new growth vistas.

60,00,000+Happy Customers

Come, Join. Be Part of the Naturals Family.